Mr. V. Jeyaraman


Mr. V. Jeyaraman was a Banker, Poet andDravidian. He served as a Senior Manager in Tamilnadu Industrial Cooperative Bank Ltd., (“TAICO Bank”),  Chennai for more than 34 years. He was the Head of Dravida Maanavar Munnetra kazhagam, Government Arts College, Kumbakonam. He was the Head of Chozha Mandalam samuga nala sangam, Chennai.He resides at Gurumuthy Nagar, Pillayampettai, which is nearly 5 Kilometers from Kumbakonam. His  wrote a book called Kavithai Pookal, which is composed of Tamil poems. He is doing  many  social activities such as helping widows and orphans by providing them Free goats. He conducted literary events in Anna Arivagam in Thiruloki.

Keynote Poem – Mr. V. Jeyaraman