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“குடந்தைப்பகுதிச் சான்றோர்கள்” கருத்தரங்கம்

About Event

The Symposium is about Great Celebrities of Kumbakonam and their achievements.


Each Speaker will briefly describe the life history and achievements of a particular Celebrity.Main motive is ‘sharing of knowledge’.


The Symposium is scheduled to begin at 9.25 a.m. on Sunday 16 April, 2017.


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Mr. V. Jeyaraman


Mr. N. S. Subramanian


In a gentle way, you can shake the world - Mahatma Gandhi.


Dr. Mr. Pon. Muthaiyan


Mrs. H. Sangeetha


Mr. M. Chandrahasan


Selvi. Bala. Chandramathi.,


Prof. Mr. R. SenthilKumar


Mrs. E. Vijayalakshmi


குடந்தைப்பகுதிச் சான்றோர்கள் கருத்தரங்கம்
- Sunday, April 16, 2017.

Session 1

09:45 Topic : “Pannaaraichi Vithagar ” Kudanthai. Pa. Sundharesanaar

Mr.Pon.Muthaiyan., Ph.D.,

Topic : “Pannaaraichi Vithagar ” Kudanthai. Pa. Sundharesanaar

Pa. Sundharesanaar ( 28 May, 1914 – June 9, 1981) was a master of pannaraycchi. Rare music techniques were covered in Tamil literature.

Mr.Pon.Muthaiyan., Ph.D.,

He worked as a Professor in Government Arts College at Virudhachalam, Tindivanam and Kumbakonam. He conducted many social service on behalf of Rotary association of Aduthurai.

10:00 Topic : “Kanidha Maedhai” Thiru. Srinivaasa Ramanujan

Mrs.H.Sangeetha., M.Sc.,

Topic : “Kanidha Maedhai” Thiru. Srinivaasa Ramanujan

Ramanujan was born on 22 December 1887 into a  Tamil Brahmin Iyengar family in Erode, Madras Presidency, at the residence of his maternal grandparents. His father, K. Srinivasa Iyengar, worked as a clerk in a sari shop and hailed from Tanjore. His mother, Komalatammal, was a housewife and also sang at a local temple. They lived in a small traditional home on Sarangapani Sannidhi Street in the town of Kumbakonam. The family home is now a museum.

Mrs.H.Sangeetha., M.Sc.,

Mrs.H.Sangeetha., M.Sc is the Chief Operating Officer of Logic Research Labs, which is in Pillayampettai. (nearly 5 kilometers from Kumbakonam.)

10:15 Topic : “Nadipisai pulavar” Thiru. K. R. Ramasamy

Mr.M.Chandrahasan., B.A., M.Ed.,

Topic : “Nadipisai pulavar” Thiru. K. R. Ramasamy

K. R. Ramaswamy was a popular Tamil actor of both stage and screen in the 1940s and 50s. A talented singer and actor, he was called a Nadipisai Pulavar (acting and singing poet) by the popular masses.

Mr.M.Chandrahasan., B.A., M.Ed.,

Mr. M. Chandrahasan worked as a teacher in middle schools and retired as a Headmaster at East Korrkai, Kumbakonam. He financially helps the needy children for their studies

10:30 Topic : “Devi Ubaasagar” Thiru. Pasugararayar

Selvi Bala.Chandramathi., M.A.,

Topic : “Devi Ubaasagar” Thiru. Pasugararayar

Bhaskararaya  (1690–1785) is widely considered an authority on all questions pertaining to the worship of the Mother Goddess in Hinduism. He was born in Maharastra, was welcomed by king Serfoji II of Bhonsle dynasty in South India, and there upon he settled in Tamil Nadu.

Selvi Bala.Chandramathi., M.A.,

She is a Post Graduate and a Social worker. She is a multifaceted personality. She knows Painting, music and other fine arts.

Session 2

11:00 Topic : “Naanalam Padaitha” Maanbumigu. V. S. Srinivasa Sastri

Prof.Mr. R. SenthilKumar., M.Tech.,

Topic : “Naanalam Padaitha” Maanbumigu. V. S. Srinivasa Sastri

Valangaiman Sankaranarayana Srinivasa Sastri  was an Indian, politician, administrator, educator, orator and Indian Independence activist. Srinivasa Sastri was born  in the village of Valangaiman  near Kumbakonam, India. He completed his education at Kumbakonam and worked as a school teacher and later, headmaster in Triplicane, Madras.

Prof.Mr. R. SenthilKumar., M.Tech.,

Mr. R. SenthilKumar is pursuing with his Doctorate Degree, in the field of Computer Science. He developed Online Software’s.He helps students to develop their professional skills.

11:15 Topic : “Gurunathan” Thiru. Ravi Shankar

Mrs. E. Vijayalakshmi., B.Sc., M.A.,(Yoga)., M.Ed.,

Topic : “Gurunathan” Thiru. Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar was born in Papanasam, Tamilnadu to Visalakshi Ratnam and R. S. Venkat Ratnam. Shankar teaches that spirituality is that which enhances human values such as love, compassion and enthusiasm.

Mrs. E. Vijayalakshmi., B.Sc., M.A.,(Yoga)., M.Ed.,

Mrs. E. Vijayalakshmi is a Yoga teacher. She has 10 years of experience in Yoga and was trained by Varmakalai aasan Mr.Shanmugam.

11:30 Topic : “Tamizhthaatha” U. V. Swaminatha Iyer

Mr. P. Vasudevan., M.A., B.Ed.,

Topic : “Tamizhthaatha” U. V. Swaminatha Iyer

Utthamadhanapuram Venkatasubramanian Swaminathan was born on 19 February 1855 in the village of Suriaymoolai near Kumbakonam. Swaminatha Iyer was a a great poet and scholar.

Mr. P. Vasudevan., M.A., B.Ed.,

Mr.P.Vasudevan was a retired teacher and an Orator.He has participated in many debates.

11:45 Topic : “Sakkottai” Krishnaswamy Aiyangar


Prof. Mr. S.Rajkumar., M.Tech.,

Diwan Bahadur Sakkottai Krishnaswamy Aiyangar (15 April 1871 – 26 November 1946) was an Indian historian, academician and Dravidologist. He chaired the Department of Indian History and Archaeology at the University of Madras from 1914 to 1929.

Prof. Mr. S.Rajkumar., M.Tech.,

Prof. Rajkumar is now pursuing his Ph.D. He delivered 2 Guest lecture for the benefit of students and Staff Members .



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